Cardinal Contarini

In Cardinal Contarini on May 26, 2009 at 1:10 am

Cardinal Gasparo Contarini journeyed to Regensburg on behalf of the Pope. Earlier in life he had undergone a religious experience somewhat resembling Luther’s. Contarini was conciliatory toward the Protestants on salvation, but held firmly to the Roman stance on other issues of contention. More on Contarini can be found in a book by Elisabeth G. Gleason, accessible here.

Contarini sought without avail to gain his Church’s approval for the agreement on justification. Below are links to two of his letters from May of 1541. The first letter provides a brief introduction meant to clarify the meaning of article five. The second is longer and lays out the twofold justice thesis for which Contarini is remembered.

Letter Introducing the Regensburg Agreement

Epistle on Justification

The translations are my own and amount to an initial attempt at bringing the texts into English. They are provided as is and for personal use only.


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