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Colloquy of Regensburg

In Regensburg Colloquy on May 26, 2009 at 2:25 am

Representatives from Rome and leading Protestants came together at Regensburg in 1541 in order to seek a doctrinal agreement that could restore peace to the Church. The discussions notably became a highpoint for the spirituali, reformers who had remained loyal to the old Church. Much has been written on the meeting, its initial headway on the doctrine of justification, and its ultimate failure. Among the scholars who have studied Regensburg is Anthony N.S. Lane, whose writings can be consulted for more information.

The fifth of the Regensburg articles draws the greatest interest. It is concerned with justification and marks the attempt to find a position acceptable to both sides. Below are links to several versions of the text of the article.

For comparison, the Council of Trent’s definition of Roman Catholic teaching on justification can be found here. On the Protestant side, Richard Hooker’s “Learned Discourse on Justification” can be accessed here. This interview with Dr Christopher Malloy may also be helpful on justification, as may this essay from an opposite perspective by Bp C. FitzSimons Allison. Additionally, this documentary from PBS takes a look at the spirituali, focusing on Michelangelo’s connection to the group. The famous Beneficio di Cristo can be found here.